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1987 Palmerston Place
Los Feliz, CA, 90027
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Fine Jewelry Boutique. Diamond and Gold, Insect Jewelry Designed and Hand Made in Los Angeles, California USA

Spider Jewels

FACT: Predating the appearance of flies by 100 million years, the spider differs from other insects in that it has a two, rather than a three segmented body and 8 legs. Its silken threads are not only used to weave dazzling webs, they have also served in the past as poultices used to impede blood flow. While some Spiders can be more toxic than others, all Spiders play a vital role in controlling insect populations. In the United States the most venomous spider is the black widow . It's venom is 15 times more lethal than that of a rattlesnake. Marked by a red hourglass shape on its belly, the female has been known to eat the male spider after mating. 

Medium Spider Pendant / Yellow Gold, Black Rhodium


Medium Spider Pendant / Yellow Gold, Black Rhodium

from 4,489.00

With her glimmering belly and retractable legs this ominous widow lies in wait. Is it prey or love she hungers for?


14k Yellow Gold / Black Rhodium

11 brilliant-cut round diamonds pave set in 14k yellow gold.

The Spider is 23mm x 17mm

15" ultra-fine 14k yellow gold chain (also available in 16", 18", 20" chain)

Chain Length:
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