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1987 Palmerston Place
Los Feliz, CA, 90027
United States


Fine Jewelry Boutique. Diamond and Gold, Insect Jewelry Designed and Hand Made in Los Angeles, California USA

CLAW Jewels

CLAW:  a sharp, usually curved, nail on the foot of an animal, as on a cat, dog, bird or insect. Used as jewelry for the entirety of human history, rendered once again by J.Herwitt in it's well deserved gleaming, dynamic elegance.

Reptilian Claw Ring / 14k Yellow Gold

SCL300RG YG.jpg
SCL300RG YG.jpg

Reptilian Claw Ring / 14k Yellow Gold


The claw is an iconic piece of so many legendary creatures, some real, some mythical, all mystical, dynamic and fierce.

Designed to arouse your imagination, to set free your very heart. 

Go ahead, put it on... feel that?


14k yellow gold

STOCKED in size 6 for immediate delivery

Designed by J.Herwitt and hand made in Los Angeles, California.


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